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Wednesday, July 11th 2012

Premiere Networks Launches The Jack Abramoff Show

LOS ANGELES, July 11, 2012 -- Premiere Networks, the leading audio network in the U.S., announced today the launch of a new radio program hosted by famed former lobbyist and Washington power player Jack Abramoff. The Jack Abramoff Show, which debuted June 24, airs Sundays from 5 - 8 p.m. ET on "Talk Radio" - XM channel 168 and features Abramoff's take on the news and events of the week from the perspective of a Washington insider and crusader for political reform. Originating from Washington, D.C., Abramoff also offers his advice on a wide range of topics, from ending political corruption to reinventing the system, while interacting with callers and welcoming a variety of guests.
"I may very well be the nation's most controversial radio host because, unlike others, I was actually involved in the things we talk about on the show," stated Abramoff. "Radio gives me an opportunity to share secrets I couldn't include in my book, and reveal some of the underbelly of politics other hosts can only imagine. The show is informative and, at times, emotional, passionate and downright outrageous."

Julie Talbott, Premiere Networks president, content and affiliate relations, commented, "From his experience in Washington to his fall from grace, Jack has a unique and interesting point of view and he's not shy about sharing it. He's a natural in front of the microphone and we're excited to share this new talk program with audiences across the country."

For more information, please visit

About Jack Abramoff
Arguably one of the world's most famous lobbyists and former Washington power players, Jack Abramoff's rollercoaster life story might as well be a major motion picture. In fact, two major motion pictures based on Abramoff's story have hit the silver screen. Dubbed Time magazine's "Man Who Bought Washington," Abramoff rose to become the nation's most successful and prominent lobbyist, before becoming enmeshed in the most harrowing political scandal since Watergate. After serving 43 months in federal prison, Abramoff is out and ready to speak and few know more than he about how Washington really works.

Born in Atlantic City and raised in Beverly Hills, Abramoff graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in English Literature and Opera. At Brandeis, Abramoff began his political career, heading the state-wide College Republican group. During that time, he was credited with delivering Massachusetts to Ronald Reagan in 1980, the first time since Eisenhower that a Republican would win the Bay State. Abramoff was soon elected as national chairman of the College Republicans and built it into the largest student political organization in the free world.

His next position foreshadowed his rise to national prominence, as he was chosen to head President Reagan's grassroots lobbying organization. Under his leadership the organization moved major Reagan administration initiatives through the Congress and sponsored the world's first convocation of anti-Soviet forces in the bush of Southern Africa.

As the Reagan era wound down, Abramoff moved from the world of politics to the world of cinema, becoming a motion picture producer -- making action adventure films, including "Red Scorpion." His international experience in structuring motion picture finance made him a popular lecturer at Georgetown University Law Center, where he graduated in 1986. The siren call of politics drew Abramoff back to his roots, and in 1994, he joined the lobbying division of the law firm headed by Bill Gates' father. Abramoff set to work and, within a few years, built one of the nation's most prestigious and profitable lobbying practices. As Abramoff continued to build, his political base expanded and soon he found himself at the top of his profession.

When a corporation, Indian tribe, or foreign nation needed to win, they went to Team Abramoff, the eclectic hand-picked team of lobbying guns he assembled. Their clients rarely were defeated, and reaped billions of dollars of benefit. Abramoff's arsenal included his Signatures restaurant, one of the Capital's finest, some of the best sports tickets in the nation, and an unlimited capacity to raise funds to fuel the political system which made his influence possible.

Abramoff had it all - and then it was gone. In 2006, he was sentenced to six years in federal prison for mail fraud, conspiracy to bribe public officials and tax evasion. He served four years before being released in December 2010. In November 2011, he released his first book Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption from America's Most Notorious Lobbyist.

The fall from grace changed Jack Abramoff and woke him up. Abramoff is now determined to do all he can to rectify the wrong he did and to identify and help end the corruption of the system he so well played. His orations not only serve as a cautionary tale, but as a historic platform for reform of the system. For more information, please visit

About Premiere Networks
Premiere Networks, Inc., a subsidiary of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, syndicates 90 radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio affiliations and reaches over 190 million listeners weekly. Premiere is the number one audio content provider in the country and features the following personalities: Rush Limbaugh, Jim Rome, Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Bob & Tom, Delilah, Steve Harvey, Blair Garner, George Noory, John Boy and Billy, Big Tigger, Sean Hannity, Elvis Duran, Randi Rhodes, Kane, Nikki Sixx, Andy Dean, Mario Lopez and others. For more information, please visit or

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